Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm officially a Weight Watcher. For now.

Ugh. I bought my Thermomix a week or two after Very Little Miss was born so that I could make food for the family, fast. Well yes, it's been fast - a little too fast, because I've been cooking up carbohydrate laden food and treats with the speed of a bat out of hell and this baby weight I've accumulated is going nowhere, fast. Very Little Miss is now ten weeks old, so I've decided that today is the day I need to start paying better attention to what I'm putting into me. I've bought a lovely Leona Edmiston dress to wear while we are away and I'd kind of like to wear it, rather than squeeze myself into it. Here it is... isn't it pretty?

Today I signed up for a 14 day free trial with Weight Watchers online. My goal is to lose 9 kilos. The best thing that I've discovered so far is that I can punch in the ingredients of an entire recipe, tap in the number of servings and - voila - I have the number of points in each serving.

I'm also going to start a Couch to 5k running program. It is safe to say that so far I've mastered the Couch part of the program! I really can't run to save my life, so I'm a little skeptical that I'll be running 5k in 8 weeks.

So, for each recipe I post for the next few weeks, you'll find the weight watchers points per serve, and I'll update my progress as I go. Hopefully this will keep me honest!

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