The Food Critics

Miss 1 1/2, Miss 5 & Very Little Miss
Miss 5 eats like a pigeon. She's not too fussy, but more often than not she needs a fair bit of encouragement (read bribery and blackmail) to get her to eat her dinner. She's pony obsessed, could happily live on peanut butter sandwiches and doesn't have an incredibly sweet tooth unless chocolate is on offer. During an outing on our last holiday she insisted upon having a sushi roll instead of an ice cream. Strange child.

Miss 1 1/2 could eat her big sister under the table. She has never met a fruit she didn't like and is a big fan of the 'Eat' episode of Yo Gabba Gabba which features the hit tunes 'There's a party in my tummy' and 'Snacky snack snack snack'. She eats constantly during the day, but can be hit and miss at dinner time.

Very Little Miss is our newest creation. She is passionate about milk.

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