Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ultimate Mars Bar Slice - Thermomix style

This slice really lives up to its name. It's quick to make, sweet, light and crunchy with a nice caramel chew... too good for words. We enjoyed this for Miss 2's birthday party lunch over the weekend. The Chef would marry me all over again for this. I suggest that you don't think about the calories and just enjoy!

8 x 53g Mars Bars
50g butter
85g (1/4 cup) golden syrup
140g (4 cups) rice bubbles
200g milk chocolate
1 teaspoon vegetable or rice bran oil 

1. Roughly chop 5 Mars Bars in 1cm slices and place in thermomix bowl with butter and golden syrup.
2. Melt for 10 minutes on 50 degrees, speed 1. If your butter and Mars Bars haven't melted at the end of cooking, continue to cook until melted and smooth.
3. Add rice bubbles to bowl and mix on reverse, speed soft for approximately 5 minutes, or until chocolate mixture is evenly spread through rice bubbles.
4. Press rice bubble mixture into a lamington tin (20cm x 30cm base) which has been lined with baking paper that hangs over the sides.
5. Give your thermomix bowl a quick clean and dry. Place chocolate in bowl and grate for 10 seconds on speed 8.
6. Add oil and melt for 2 minutes at 50 degrees, speed 3 or for as long as you need to until the chocolate is melted and smooth.
7. Smooth melted chocolate over the top of the rice bubble mixture and top with thinly sliced remaining Mars Bars.
8. Refridgerate for approximately 2 hours or until set, remove from tin and slice into squares.

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